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Practice – How To Motivate Yourself or Your Patients

This video is about how to motivate yourself to practice soccer, but the principles you’ll learn can be applied to anything. This is also a great lesson to discuss with your patients who are having trouble sticking to their exercise schedule, and it is a part of your job, as a doctor, to motivate them to complete their exercises. Otherwise, they may not rehabilitate quickly, or at all. You must take part of the responsibility as their ‘coach’ to help their achieve their goals.

Physiotherapy is difficult. It many cases, it takes a shift in mindset to make a patient follow through, especially if they are relatively comfortable with their life situation. Use the information in this video to get through to your patients, or to motivate yourself.

Ankle Injuries of Stephen Curry – Ankle Braces and Physiotherapy

Basketball ankle injuries are the most likely way that you’ll be hurt playing basketball. In fact, over 40% of injuries that occur when playing basketball are either injuries to the ankle or foot, and there any many factors which increase the rate of injury such as what type of footwear a player wears:

The Problem

The problem lies with the fact that the foot and ankle is relatively weak compared with the rest of the body, and you are playing on a hard surface, changing direction constantly, and playing in close contact with other players who are constantly stepping on others’ feet.

Solution #1 – Ankle Braces

After you have had many injuries, you can wear an ankle brace. One of the best basketball players of all time wears an ankle brace every game because he has had so many ankle injuries – Stephen Curry, as you can see in the video above. He wears a stiff brace but there are also medium and light support braces that are effective (depending on your injury), like those at:

He wears a stiff ankle brace that protects his ankle from injury while also allowing him the flexibility to play to the best of his ability.

Solution #1 – Strengthen Ankles

The best thing you can do for your game and your ankles is first to strengthen your ankles. You can do toe raises, and ankle circles, engaging the muscles that support the ankle. Even after injury, physiotherapy is effective.

To get the correct exercises, it is important to consult a health professional to make sure that your ankles are properly strengthened against the wear and tear they will encounter in a basketball game.

Behind the Scenes With A Hockey Team Physiotherapist

One of the largest competitive hockey leagues in Europe is the Champions Hockey League. Being a physiotherapist working for any hockey team is a difficult job – almost 30 athletes playing a game with constant physical contact and dangerous situations leads to injuries in every part of the body. An every athlete needs to spend as little time on the bench as possible.

The job of the physio is to keep all the players in top shape. Watch this video to learn a little more about what it’s like to be a physio working for one of Europe’s professional sports clubs.

How To Reduce Basketball Injuries

Do you play basketball or do you coach a basketball team?

One of the most important concerns when training for basketball as a serious athlete in injury prevention. A serious injury could put you or your players out of the game for months, costing crucial time for improvement. This is especially detrimental to young athletes who must keep their confidence and have a finite amount of time to train before they can be drafted to major leagues.

Basketball is one of the most dangerous sports when it comes to leg injuries because it is played with minimal equipment on an unforgiving court. There are constant changes in direction, and constant collisions.

The collisions are not as serious as some sports, however, such as hockey and American football, so joint strength training and flexibility training can go a long way to to prevent most basketball injuries.

The ACL tear is one of the most common basketball injuries. Watch this video to find out how to stabilize the knee joint and prepare it for the strain of play and practice.

The techniques and general philosophy of the injury prevention in this video can also be adapted to prevent other types of injuries.